Turkey Tablescape

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So now we are in November and the holiday decorating begins. I often host Thanksgiving dinner at my home and always try to create a beautiful and fun experience for my guests. I LOVE color and it seems to be that bright colors are the theme in most of my artwork and designs. I wanted to create a table that felt like autumn, appropriate for a Thanksgiving feast and had a combination of rustic and elegant.  When choosing my color schemes, I did not want to just use orange and gold. I wanted something special. I chose another color from nature, robin egg blue. I am pleased with how my vision turned out.

I have the blue mason jars from another project and have used them over and over in so many designs. I took the sealing lids off and used them as my flower vases. I went to Jo-Ann and found all of my fall flowers. I wanted to use high quality flowers with a variety of fall colors.  Good news for me, they were all on sale! I am not sure what the little, fuzzy plant is called, but the color is gray with a hint of blue. I feel like it added just enough blue to make sense in my design.


photo 2(17)

Lovely blue Mason jars are the perfect vases for this design.


I bought the robin egg blue fabric to use as a my runner. This is not the fabric you would typically use when creating a runner. I purposely chose this silky fabric to add texture to the table. I wanted to use this “fancy” material to balance out the rustic mason jars. I simply measured the table and cut two long rectangles out and sewed them together. The easiest sewing project ever! I usually use interfacing in my runners to keep them crisp and stiff. I did not for this one because of the delicate fabric. However, I regret not doing that. The interfacing will definitely keep your runner more smooth and it really would not have effected the elegant look of the fabric.  Live and learn.



photo 5(15)

photo 3(13)photo 4(12)

Keeping the theme of rustic and elegant, I spray painted real pumpkins robin egg blue and metallic gold. I alternated them between my vases for my tablescape design.  I like the way the design stretches across the table.



photo 3(12)

Robin Egg Blue…Ocean Breeze…same difference ; )
You can find this in the paint aisle.

photo 1(16)photo 1(15)photo 2(15)

I often take my kids on walks through our neighborhood that is  surrounded by farmland. Lots of beauty to take in and lots of “treasures” to bring home. My two little ones bring “treasures” daily and have been very excited with the autumn leaves and all of their colors. We were collecting leaves one afternoon and I decided to bring this one home. I liked the size and shape and thought it would be perfect to use for my Thanksgiving menu. I used the leaf as a template and traced the edges.



photo 2(14)photo 3(11)

I made two templates and painted them with watercolors on watercolor paper.  I made one with brilliant colors and one with variations of oranges.

photo 4(11)photo 5(13)

I took them to a local print shop (I used Digital Image Printing in Daleville, VA  http://www.digitalimageprinting.com/.) He scanned them and printed them on high quality gloss paper. I then cut them out and placed them at each setting. The menu is on the back of the leaf. I love these and since we will be hosting friends this year, I thought they would be fun to take home.

photo 1(18)photo 2(16)photo 5(14)

I hope this design has inspired you to create something unique and special for your Thanksgiving feast. As always, my kids help with the projects and it makes it fun for everyone. They set the table for my photos. It is fun seeing them take pride in their contribution. I will post the recipes I will be using for my dinner soon, so check back!

I have enjoyed participating in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores “Celebrate the Season” campaign. Again, this is my absolute favorite store and always my first stop for decorating ideas.  I received compensation for this  review; however, this is my personal, honest, opinion based on my own experience and my own design ideas. All of my supplies came from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores unless otherwise stated. Here is a coupon for you to use at Jo-An Fabric and Craft Stores and a link to check out other craft designs from Jo-Ann’s  http://bit.ly/1dZqWsw




I am confident you can create something impressive from the supplies you find there. Please share pictures, comments, and ask questions!

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