“LOVE” Pillow Knock-Off

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Throw pillows…accent pillows…decorative pillows…whatever you want to call them, I am sure you have few. I shared some ideas today on my segment with “Daytime Blue Ridge. Here are the steps to make to make your own “LOVE” pillow.

The “LOVE” Pillow


This pillow was inspired by the leather metallic pillows made by Calypso St. Barth


17e50afefb6fd6d0e0de52434438ffc2Their pillow is made with leather, linen and a down filling…and made in France. Mine is metallic “pleather” with polyester -fiber fill and made in Daleville, VA. Theirs cost $175.00 (on sale)  mine cost less then $10.00 with supplies from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store.

Supplies Needed:

1-Yard of metallic fabric

2-One strip of metallic fabric in coordinating color. (enough to cut out “LOVE” letters)

3-Polyester Fiber fill

4- Needle, thread and scissors

5-Sewing machine

6-Printer (and paper of course!)

7-Computer to design letters


1- Cut out your pillow. I cut my pillow to be approximately 12” X 24”. You can make whatever size you want. (I could not find the specs for the Calypso St. Barth’s pillow.)

2- Design letters on your computer to fill the size of your pillow. *if you have a Silhouette machine, you can design and cut them on that. That is the simpler option.

3-Print and cut out your letters.

4-Position letters on your pillow to see how they look and make sure they are the right size. Then tape or tack them to your coordinating strip of fabric and cut them out.




5) Place your letters on the top side of your pillow. I used a little double sided tape to hold them in place. I did not use pins because of the pin holes they would leave.




6) Sew the letters onto the fabric. Tips: Stay close to the edge of the letters and use thread that is close to the color of the letters. You do not need a metallic thread and most metallic threads are not durable enough to run through the machine for a project like this.

7) Finally sew the two large pieces together (ugly side up.) Make sure you leave an opening for the stuffing.

8) Stuff your pillow and close up the opening.

…..and there is your knock-off “LOVE” pillow!




Want to see the live description of these knock-offs? Here is a clip  from today’s show.




Thank you Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store for the great supplies!

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