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I have been looking for a specific lamp for my recently made over bedroom. I was going to paint some wild red flowers on a basic, white lamp to coordinate with my icy blue walls and red bedding. I found a lamp that met my specs at Goodwill. However, when I saw an article in the July/August issue of HGTV Magazine on how to create a “gold-dotted lamp base,” I changed my mind. The lamp was created by Emily Hart from

Reading over her supplies, I saw that she paid $47.00 for her glass lamp at Target. Not ridiculously expensive, but enough that I didn’t want to blow it on a project gone bad. I thought I would try it out first on a “free” vase I had sitting in my closet.  I had purchased  this from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store a few years ago for a baby shower, and you know me, I love to drain the life out of things, so I was excited to use it again.


Here is the supply list. You can find all items at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store.

Glass Vase
“Spongits” in different sizes. You can buy a pack of Loew-Cornell with a variety of sizes.

foam widgets

Gold leafing adhesive (or your can purchase a Gold Leaf Kit which includes the adhesive and gold leaf sheets.)

metal leafadhesive
Gold leafing sheets
Paint brush
Latex paint ( I used left over from my bedroom walls.)

Here’s the “How To.”

1-Turn the vase on its side. Dip your spongit into the gold leaf adhesive and lightly spot the inside of the vase while turning it to cover entire inside.


2- Allow the adhesive to set up enough to be “tacky.” Then you can start adding your gold leaf. I had gold and rose on hand and thought it would be pretty to mix up the two, so I alternated between them. Use your paint brush to press down and brush off the excess.  Allow it to set up for a few minutes. ( I made dinner for my kids and came back.  It took about an hour, but I don’t think you need that long.)


3- Finally, I poured enough of my latex paint to coat the inside of my vase. I swirled it around and then held it over a trash can for the remaining drops to  shake off. I gave it a good shake and when it quit dripping, I turned it right side up and allowed it to dry.


I really love the way it turned out and it looks so “posh.” Now of course, this vase is only practical for silk flowers. However, I am looking forward to setting it out! Now I feel confident enough to tackle the lamp base and lucky for me, I found a glass lamp for $25 on clearance at Stein Mart!


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