Gold and Pink Tablescape

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Valentine’s Day is here. You may be spending this special night with your sweetheart or a family of sweethearts…like us! The mister and I are blessed to have three beautiful children and enjoy being with them-even if they are interrupting our romantic conversation, eating my chocolate and blowing out the ambiance.  Every year I create a “Valentine’s Dinner” for our family. I never make it a “kid themed” dinner. I try to create something lovely and exciting for my husband and me too. I saw a pink and gold themed table last summer. I have been waiting for the perfect occasion to create my own. Well, here it is. 2014 Valentine’s Dinner here we come.

I had a pink tablecloth from Easter. I went to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores®  for the rest. I wanted to create a gold sequin runner. I saw this gold sequined fabric a and it was perfect for my vision. I purchased a yard and then cut it in half to fit the length of the table. I trimmed the edges of the fabric and that’s it. No sewing involved. Just overlapped the two pieces to create one long runner.

I used a variety of pink flowers from the floral department. I do think using artificial flowers can be tricky. You want them to look real and and natural. I carefully chose my floral arrangement with that in mind. I bought the two square glass vases to place the flowers in. I used the flora foam in the center for to make sure my flowers stayed in place.




Use natural looking flowers, then add moss to the vase.


I then put moss around the inside. I think this gives the flowers a more natural look and I like the mix of textures between the moss and sequined runner. I set the vases on a mirror to add dimension and reflect the tea lights. The mirror is also from the floral department at Jo-Ann’s.

I always give chocolates to my kids and family for Valentine’s Day. It is definitely our tradition. The best part is when I get to help them finish off the box!  I found these limited edition truffles from Godiva®. It includes Aztec Spice, Chocolate Lava Cake, Strawberry Crème Tarte, and 3 heart-decorated truffles: Dark Chocolate Soufflé, Milk Chocolate Mousse, and White Chocolate Passion Fruit. Not only do they sound fantastic, the Valentine theme and shape of the box is perfect for my cupid’s arrow name tag.


Valentines Day Truffle Flight.

Again, I like items to serve dual purposes. This arrow is the tag for their chocolates and serves as their place setting. I a found a picture of something similar through Pinterest at I was unable to find the step by step instructions but I figured out how to recreate them.


I used a dowel rod and cut it in half. I then spray painted them gold. I used my Silhouette Cameo® to create the hearts on glitter gold card stock paper.

photo 1


You can cut them out by hand, but the machine makes it much easier and consistent. I hot glued the hearts onto the rods upside down to look like an arrow head.

photo 2


I then took craft feathers and trimmed them down to replicate fletchings.


photo 3



I  wrapped a pink embroidery thread around the end to add some color. I cut out little name tags on watercolor paper and painted their names on them. I tied the arrows on the boxes with twine. I love mixing the rustic materials with the gourmet chocolate and glittery table.


      photo 5

What are you plans for this evening of love?



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