Étoile Cocktail

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All I can say is about this drink is …wow. I am a passionate lover of the elderflower liquor “St. Germain” which happens to be the base for this romantic cocktail created by Cocktail Aficionado, Robert Padilla.

I have listed all of the information below so you can make this special drink at home. It simple to make and worth every penny.

Name of the cocktail: “Etoile” (“Star” in French)
Author: Roberto Padilla (Buenos Aires-Argentina), cocktail aficionado; hosts pop-ups at “PadiBar” his private homebar.
Concept: As in a five-pointed star, “Etoile” mixes five French liquors in a 5-parts proportioned cocktail. Its parent liquor is St-Germain – a unique flowers spirit – equilibrated with fruits notes given by calvados and creme de cassis. In addition, French vodka gives strength while absentha puts strength and perfume. Both the strawberry and the cassis, function as red-colored spots to catch the eye.
Ideal occasion: the fruit-flower notes, and the alcoholic strength of Etoile, make this cocktail appropriate for St. Valentin eve, or any romantic moment.
Ingredients: elderflowers liquor (St-Germain), vodka (Grey Goose), calvados V.O.S.P. (Pere Magloire),  absenthe (La Fee NV), creme de cassis de Dijon (G. Boudier). Ice. Love.
Garnish: one strawberry.
Glassware:  vintage champagne cup (not Flute) or Martini/Cocktail cup.
Proportions: (for 1 cup: 1 part=1 oz=30 cm3)
2 parts St-Germain elderflowers liquor
2 parts Grey Goose vodka
1 part Pere Magloire VOSP calvados
1 barspoon La Fee NV absenthe
1 barspoon G. Boudier crème de cassis de Dijon

Mixing instructions: coat the cup with absentha. Put St-Germain, vodka, and calvados into a mixing glass half-filled with ice. Stir. Strain and serve. Top with creme de cassis. Skewer a strawberry and garnish.

Enjoy, and drink responsibly.

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