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On today’s “Living with Lindee” segment, I decided to do a baby shower. It seems like it is baby season once again and so, why not help celebrate?  I have so many ideas for a “Gender Reveal” baby shower, but just 5 minutes to share them.  I wanted to hit the highlights.

Here is a clip from today’s show.

You can find this video and others in our “Videos” section.

If you are planning any type of baby shower, things can really start to add up! There are so many things you can do yourself to save money and add a personal touch. Here are some tips:

1-Use real plates, utensils and glasses.

It feels nicer and hopefully, you have these in your own kitchen cupboards. If you are concerned that you do not have anything “nice” enough, then hunt some thrift shops or second hand stores. I have collected a variety of off-white plates over the years. I was able to get a place setting for 8 people and the coffee mugs too for $6.00 at a second hand store. I have used those over and over. Just change up your table cloth, napkins and the decor. Look for finds like that. Items that will get multiple uses.

2-DIY your own tablescape.

For my “Gender Reveal” shower I used a variety of pink and blue flowers with some accents of green and white. All of the flowers came from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Clip some coupons and look for sales. You can use these flowers many times. I set them in blue mason jars with a pink ribbon and used some milk glass in between (99¢ milk glass I might add-another thrift shop treasure.) It feels very elegant.


I made the runner with fabric from Jo-Ann’s. These are the way to go. Simple and totally change the table theme. I loved this fabric from today’s segment. It is a beautiful blue, batiked fabric that complimented the flowers well.

The bunnies? They are from my Easter stash…see multiple purposes. Perfect for a baby shower and…..


 …went right along with the cute “Love Bunnies” I gave away.



I have made these for a while now. They are made from either new fabric, crib sheets, baby blankets, a garment from Mommy or Daddy’s tie or any other item you can think of. I love making these! Especially when they have sentimental value.

3-Make your own food!

It is all about presentation and quality. Use high quality, fresh ingredients. Present a table with variety. Depending on the time of day will determine your menu. You could offer appetizers, a brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert only…your choice. You will definitely save money and even if you aren’t a “cook” you can create simple foods that are delicious.

Here is a link to the cupcakes I made today.







These could be part of your “Gender Reveal.” Pink for girls and blue for boys.  I used pretty pink and blue floral cupcake papers from Wilton. I found these in the baking aisle at Jo-Ann’s.



Use glass bottles over and over.




You can fill these with whatever you choose, wash them and use them again. I added these tags and some twine for the baby shower. I made the tags on the computer and printed them on cardstock. Picked up some pink and blue straws from Jo-Ann’s. Super easy and very lovely.



Also found in the baking aisle.


4-DIY your invitation.



These were designed on my computer using “delicatta” font. I printed them on plain card stock and then mounted them on glitter card stock paper. I cut out the tutu and bow tie on card stock and hot glued them on. Making your own is more personal and will definitely save you money!

Thanks to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores for the great supplies.


Oh! -one more thing! If you missed this on the show today, here is a link to a great gift for Mom. Such a great idea!  You hook your keys on one end and then hang it on the side of your bag with a cute design. I’ve lost my keys so many times in my baby bags and now “mom purse.” This is perfect.

Please share your ideas with us! We love receiving feedback from our readers. You all have a lot of good ideas!

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