Lindee Katdare is the artist/designer and creative professional behind The Lindee Tree.  She spent the earlier part of her career in corporate sales while feeding her passion for art, design, cooking and baking on the weekends. After the birth of her second child, she decided to take this passion to the next level and work full time as an independent artist/designer.

Lindee’s creativity and drive produced multiple new opportunities that allowed her to expand her artistic branches. She worked in Virginia as a Lifestyle/Design Expert  for television and Co-host for NBC, WSLS 10’s popular show, “Daytime Blue Ridge.” Through her work in television, she incorporated her writing skills to provide fun, original, and fresh material week after week.

She currently lives in the Chicago area and continues to work in media production as a freelance writer/producer and is an active contributor to the arts community.

Please reach out to her with questions, comments or job inquiries.

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