Chevron Serving Tray

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When I find a good piece of quality junk I have this compulsion to save it and create something with it. This trait must be well known in my social circles. I am often receiving phone calls, texts, emails from people with “junk” they think I might find useful. I appreciate it! This board I had from our kitchen makeover 3 houses ago, fit that compulsive need.  Yes, that means that I held on to this board through every house purge and every moving van. This compulsion may land me on an episode of “Hoarders; Buried Alive,” someday, but for now, I am going to work hard to keep up with my stash.

I believe this board was supposed to be a shelf. When we installed our cabinets, we did not have a spot for it. The wood was so smooth, solid, and stained so nicely….I just couldn’t let go. I told myself to make a wall shelf out of it, but never got around to it.


Amazing “Shape Tape” by FROGTAPE. This tape saves hours of time when creating this popular “Chevron” pattern.

I found this amazing “Shape Tape” by FROGTAPE over the summer at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. I was using the “Chevron” pattern on a chair when I looked over at the board and my inspiration came. I decided to make a serving tray. A funky, original, extra long, serving tray.

I apologize for not having a ton of pictures. I really didn’t plan to blog about this. However, I posted the picture on Instagram and then started getting emails and phone calls about it, so obviously, there is an interest. I used the the Chevron tape and taped the entire board down. I then pulled up every other strip to paint. I wanted the pretty stained wood to show through so I decided to just paint a few strips in the turquoise and red and it gives the piece a better feel. I used Liquitex  BASICS Acrylic Paint to paint the strips.

photo 2(6)


10A415_AS01After I let that dry, I taped the edges of the board with the FROGTAPE  for delicate surfaces. I used this to paint straight edges with the metallic gold.



Once it was completely dry, I painted the board with a high gloss polyurethane. I used about 3 coats and  let it completely dry between each one. It set it the garage for a few days and I would check on it between other projects.  Finally, I found these vintage glass pulls at an antique shop. I measured the edges to make sure they were even on both side and then screwed them on the top.

I have not decided if I am willing to sell this piece or not. I have held on to it for so long, and really love the way it turned out. You can create something like this too. I love to hear about creative projects and would love to see pictures of how you have used this cool tape.

What do you think?



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