4th of July Ideas

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Planning a 4th of July event?…What to do? What to do?

I love hosting parties! It is fun creating a menu, designing a theme and having your guests arrive with excitement. The downside (according to The Mister) is, parties can also be expensive. But, they don’t have to be! I have learned that creating something clever, authentic and personal is always more fun than a table full of store bought items.  Also, when you are making your plans, always think about how the items can be used again. It will save you money all year!

With the kids home for summer break, I decided to invite them along when creating the kids table. Two for one…a fun summer activity for them and the table cloth I needed too! I have lots of sewing scraps and had some large white pieces I had used to line some aprons I made earlier this year. I used those left over scraps for my tablecloth. You can also inexpensively purchase a couple yards of white fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics or up-cycle a white sheet.  Our big “splurge” was buying this One-Step Tulip Tie-Dye kit from Jo-Ann Fabrics for $12.00.

tie-dye kit

Everything you need comes in this little box and it is super easy. We started in the middle with a rubber band and worked our way to the end.









My daughter alternated between red and blue to create our design. After a fun afternoon, we ended up with this red, white and blue fireworks tablecloth!



Our next creation was the All American Cupcake Tower.

president cupcakesclose up president cupcake


I found these cute little liners on Etsy  at a little shop called “Well Dressed Cupcakes.”

cupcake liner

I loved the classic look of the stars and polka dots. The kids and I spent an afternoon baking fresh blueberry and strawberry cupcakes- still working with the red, white and blue theme.  I decided to create a little history lesson on the cupcake and made these “All American” toppers. One set was made using a variety of patriotic, presidential and “Independence Day” quotes.  The next set I used a variety of presidents, trying to create a nice balance of Republicans and Democrats. My final set I just used some “American” stars.  They were so fun to create and share.  The adults on staff at NBC WSLS 10 this afternoon, were reading the quotes and choosing cupcakes based on their political preference. They  start great discussions and are a fun learning tool.

For the place settings, I used some left over, red and white striped, Christmas wrapping paper- it was perfect! I used this paper to wrap packages of sparklers and then put the guest’s name on a little navy star. Again, serving dual purposes. The guests know where to sit and then have something fun to do after dinner!


I made a navy runner for the “adult” table. The navy fabric was from Jo-Ann Fabrics at $2.50 a yard.


I bought two yards and had enough left over for napkins too.  I chose the navy blue because I know I will be able to get a lot of use out of this classic color.

In order to make it more festive for this event, I bought some wooden craft stars from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

wooden stars

I spray painted them silver and then another quick coat of Color TEX Flurry to give them some texture.



The stars added to the navy runner were perfect for Independence Day.


I plan to use the stars again for “lullaby” themed baby shower and then again for my wintery themed Christmas table. Lots of uses. The Color Tex too can be used for a variety of craft products (snow for a wreath, texture for a terra-cotta pot, etc.)  and a little goes a long way.

I have these little, square, glass vases that I have used for numerous table settings. You can wrap them in fabric, fill them with sand, shells, marbles (I have even used frozen peas!), etc.

4th floral arrangement

I used a navy and white, Chevron fabric and a red and white polka dot fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

chevronpolka dot fabric

I then tied them with a strip of burlap I got from Roanoke’s “Black Dog Salvage.”

4th floral side viw

I wrapped the red and white polka dot first and then taped the back. I then wrapped the navy Chevron fabric around and scrunched it enough for the polka dot to show through. I tied it in the front with the burlap. I filled the vase with fresh flowers. For today’s show the flowers were provided by Roanoke’s best florist “Flowers and Things”  located at 3675 Orange Ave NE  Roanoke, VA 24012, Phone number is (540) 977-2658 and like a big jerk today, I failed to mention them.

I brewed some orange/ginger tea and made a limeade punch and added these tags.


I made these using my Mac and printed them on card-stock. Punched a little hole in them and strung them on red ribbon. Nothing to it…but fun for guests.

My final suggestion for your 4th of July celebration is to use real plates, real utensils and real glasses.  Paper/plastic supplies immediately change the “feel” of your party and are painfully wasteful. You can wash your “real” stuff and use it over and over.

Check out our “Videos” section to watch this 4th of July segment from NBC WSLS 10 “Daytime Blue Ridge.”

Reduce, re-use and up-cycle everything!

Happy 4th everyone!


American wife to this Indian life. I am a right-brained, American woman married to a left-brained Indian man. I love art, design, up-cycling and multiple DIY projects at the same time. He loves simplicity and order. Follow us on this cultural collision as I combine our personalities and cultural differences through art, design, food, and raising kids. When I am not working on a craft or project, I co-host a lifestyle/entertainment show called "Daytime Blue Ridge," on our local NBC affiliate, WSLS 10. www.DaytimeBlueRidge.com

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